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Alastair Atkinson Psychotherapist / Cinical HypnotherapistRight Track Therapy is dedicated to helping you to make important changes in your life and I offer a professional Hypnotherapy (suggestion hypnosis & analytical hypnosis), Psychotherapy, E.M.D.R., and N.L.P. Coaching treatments where the focus is solely upon helping you to make a difference in your life in as short a time as possible.

Member of the NCH professional body and registered with the CNHC.

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    Right Track Therapy a member of NCH          

        Right Track Therapy a registered member of CNHC              NHS Trusts Association Complimentary Practitioner   

For evidence on how hypnosis might help you, please see the NHS Evidence website.

emdr therapy BirminghamEMDR
A very effective therapy tool to combat Anxiety. A therapy service, where the resolution is literally right at the fingertips. 

See NICE clinical guidance on PTSD and EMDR

[CG26; CG123; CG45 ]


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